We were founded in 2001 on one simple promise: to be the best rent to own/lease to own company in Utah. Today we have helped thousands of customers. Switch to us today and get the best. The best items, the best prices, and the best experience. Plus get up to $100 per agreement!*

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*All Switch To Us bonuses will be applied to the customer’s account profile. This amount can be used at any time. The amount can be applied to active/new rental purchase agreements or new cash sales on the customer’s accounts. This amount is only given to the customer when a new rental purchase agreement is signed, the first monthly payment has been made, and the corresponding competitor agreement is closed. For new Switch To Us bonuses to be accepted the store location must be notified of the Switch To Us request via web form, phone call, email, or in-store. The customer Switch To Us bonus offer expires within 90 days after the new customer’s new rental purchase agreement has been created. Customers must be in good standing to qualify. Agreement savings and item selection is not guaranteed. Item pricing and availability may vary by store. All new switch to us bonuses are subject to owner review and may or may not be accepted at any time.