Start your referral below or contact a store. If your referral is successful you will get $50 $100 CASH per referral!*

9. Referral

*All referral cash bonuses will be applied to the customer’s account profile that provided the referral. This amount can be used at any time. The amount can be applied to active/new rental purchase agreements or new cash sales on the customer’s account that provided the referral. The referral bonus amount will be applied to the customer’s account as stated above only when the referred new customer has signed a new rental purchase agreement and the referred new customer has received their item(s). Both customers must be in good standing to qualify. For new referrals to be accepted the store location must be notified of the referral via web form, phone call, email, or in-store. The customer referral bonus offer expires within 90 days after the referred new customer’s new rental purchase agreement has been created. Previous or current customers cannot be referred. Referrals from current employees may or may not be accepted. All new referral bonuses are subject to owner review and may or may not be accepted at any time.