What is “HDR” in TV?

The info:

Every year TV technology advances and it seems it’s hard just to keep up with all the acronyms like: OLED, UHD, 4KHD, HDLED. But this advancement seems to go unnoticed but  it probably is the most amazing advancement in image quality recent years. This technology isn’t just in TV. It’s found in new game systems like the XBOX ONE S, the new smartphones, and computers. It is called HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR is a term that originates from photography, and it still lives on your smartphones camera and we all know this mode takes stunning images.

But what does HDR do exactly? It increases the visual difference between the brightest whites and the deepest blacks, which creates a bold contrast that makes the image look like it is coming to life on the screen! While 4K technology focuses on the number of pixels the screen has to produce a high quality image HDR technology focuses on the quality and precision of the pixels color.

The reason this technology is newer is because the technical limits of TVs haven’t been powerful enough to support this extremely demanding process until now. Think about how amazing it it. Your screen is processing up to 15x’s more information than before to produce the most life like image ever and that is why TVs that have HDR are already 4K Smart TVs that have the power required to create this quality of image.

Other products that use a TVs HDR technology:

  • PS4 PRO
  • Ultra HD Blu Ray Players (Samsung, Panasonic, Sony)
  • Ultra HD Streaming Devices (ex: Roku Ultra)

What does it mean to you:

Whether you are home a theater expert, Netflix addict, or just enjoy a movie with the family HDR technology is being added to more and more devices we use every day.  If you want the best experience possible when watching a super action packed movie or crushing your friends gaming online the new HDR devices add something never before seen. But remember when getting a new TV or game system with HDR it is important that you have both an HDR display and an HDR device or you will be missing out on half the experience!

EZ team tip:

Before you leave the store have the associate show you where the HDR settings are on both your TV and gaming, streaming, or ultra blu ray device before you leave. This way you know how to make sure it is on and giving you the best image.

HDR also may be referred to by some brands as “Dolby Vision” which is an HDR process trademarked by select brands.

HDR live in action

Helpful video comparison. (video not produced by EZ Rent To Own)