Never pay for cable or streaming ever again!

Never use cable or satellite TV again – All you need is an internet connection and an HD TV.

Entertainment on your terms.  


StreamSmart boxes essentially give you free access to every show and movie ever made.  If the content is hosted on the internet anywhere, the StreamSmart box will likely have access to it.  This means you can watch what you want, when you want, all without commercials.  StreamSmartBlue boxes also give you access to live tv broadcasts.

Reduce or completely eliminate your monthly subscriptions and cable/satellite costs

*DISCLAIMER: or E-Z II Rent to Own, Inc. (dba E-Z II Rent to Own, and E-Z Furniture Sales and Leasing) does not host, provide, archive, store, or distribute media of any kind. android media boxes provided for rental only by E-Z II Rent to Own, Inc. allow the user to access the internet and third party applications, such as but not limited to, Kodi (XBMC). Kodi and other applications have the ability to act merely as an index (or directory) of media sourced from the internet, which is not in the control of or E-Z II Rent to Own, Inc. or E-Z II Rent to Own, Inc. are not responsible for the content available for viewing on third party programs, such as but not limited to, Kodi (XBMC). These devices access the Internet material just like a personal computer and have very limited filtering and the content ratings and content restrictions may vary, or may not be present at all – parental discretion is advised. E-Z II Rent to Own, Inc. will provide support and service on the hardware of the when under the terms of the rental contract, but cannot provide any support or services of third party applications.